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Do HCG Drops Work?

It is a normal question that gets asked frequently about every diet or weight loss product, and it is important to know whether your time and patience is really worth going through the trouble. Knowing about a diet like the HCG drops diet and whether it is worth the risk or if it is worth the money you will likely put into quality drops. While this question is incredibly simple to ask, it isn’t always as simple of an answer as everyone is different and one mistake can lead to weight gain.

Does it Work?

The answer is yes, but you need to stick to the strict guidelines of the diet or you will gain weight rather than lose it. Not only does it take self-control to stick to the extremely strict menu, calorie intake, and foods, but it requires determination to surpass the challenges that these strict guide lines create. When on this diet it is incredibly important to follow the guidelines to see the results that you hope for, and ensure that the effects aren’t in the reverse and cause weight gain rather than weight loss.


As said before, the guidelines of this diet are incredibly important for success, and if you falter for even a second and go above the restrictions you will see weight gain. The restrictions of this diet include the use of the HCG drops per the instructions and a strict 500 calorie diet. While this could be considered a crash diet, the HCG drops are the game changer from other low calorie diets on the market today. While there are many skeptics out there, it is important to understand that the success that you seek is through the processes that have been created for this dietary plan and the drops.

Involve Your Doctor

If you are really looking for success with the HCG drops diet, then you need to ensure that your doctor is involved in every step of this diet. You will want to ensure that the drops you are receiving are of the highest quality and that you experience few to no side effects from using the drops. If you include your doctor in this diet, they can ensure that any side effects can be countered and ensure you stay healthy throughout your weight loss. There is proof that this diet works, but safety should come first.